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Chivas and LSTN have partnered to celebrate our shared passion for craftsmanship, style and generosity. We've created an inspiring initiative - Generosity: Amplified - which gives the gift of hearing to people around the world. To celebrate this partnership, we've created a limited-edition run of Troubadours crafted from American Oak Whisky casks used by the house of Chivas Regal. Additionally, we've also created a bespoke, one-of-a-kind listening station to cater to the gentleman in all of us. Read on to learn more about this exciting partnership.

Whisky Cask Troubadours

These custom Troubadours are crafted from real American Oak recycled from whisky casks from the house of Chivas Regal. Learn more about this exclusive product here

A Piece Like No Other

A bespoke listening station crafted exclusively for this partnership, with all proceeds going to charity. Designed and built in Los Angeles by master craftsmen. Learn more about the console here.

Handcrafted Quality

See how we've teamed up with Chivas Regal to create the Generosity: Amplified gift tin and limited edition headphones - two quality products with the same generous spirit.

Generosity: Amplified

In April 2016 we visited the Dominican Republic with Starkey Hearing Foundation and Chivas Regal. See how we helped over 1,400 people hear for the first time in a long time.

Win the Right Way

Watch as LSTN founders Bridget Hilton and Joe Huff talk about this exciting partnership, and all the ways it will help us reach more people and continue giving hearing aids around the world.

LSTN and Chivas’ “Generosity: Amplified” initiative will provide an estimated $150,000 for Starkey Hearing Foundation, helping them to achieve their goal of giving 1 million hearing aids this decade.

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