Amazing Sound.
Incredible Purpose.

At LSTN, we're all about sound and purpose. Our headphones, speakers, and earbuds are designed from the ground up to provide amazing sound quality without the audiophile-level price tag. Each product is electro-acoustically tested to ensure premium sound.

But that's not all - proceeds from every purchase help give hearing aids to people in need through Starkey Hearing Foundation. You can see the difference we've made over the last five years in our impact report.

Isn't it time you heard the difference in sound for yourself?

Not Your Ordinary Headphones

Don't let the Troubadour's classic design fool you - these house state-of-the-art drivers and the latest Bluetooth tech to make sure your music sounds as good as it did in the studio

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The Troubadour in Zebra Wood

The Gramercy

Sound meets style. Meet your newest musical companion.


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"Quite Possibly the Coolest Headphones...Ever"

"LSTN is out to change the way you hear music"

"LSTN has found that sweet spot where everyone wins"

The Satellite

The Satellite's custom 40mm driver means you can keep the music going through the party, the afterparty and the hotel lobby. Though we're not at fault if they kick you out of the lobby for being too loud.

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The Satellite in Zebra Wood

We use custom-engineered drivers designed specifically for our product line. By using neodymium magnets and ceaselessly refining the sonic profile, we can ensure that every one of our products has that signature LSTN sound.

We strive to use sustainable and sustainably sourced materials wherever possible. Great audio quality starts with using the best possible supplies, and we make sure that our materials are of the highest caliber.

We've always believed that what's good for business should be good for the world. That's why we help give hearing aids through Starkey Hearing Foundation with every LSTN purchase.

The Marquee

Be the life of the party with massive sound, a built-in charging bank and over 14 hours of battery life.


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Stylish and Sleek

With gold accent pieces and a sustainable walnut housing, the Wembley is sure to impress - and that's before you even hear how it sounds.

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The Wembley in Walnut

Premium Micro-USB Cable

Keep your LSTN headphones, speakers, and earbuds charged with this micro-USB cable. Also compatible with other micro-USB devices. Features real beech wood housings and vegan leather cable.


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Work Out, Rock Out

With in-line controls and custom drivers, the Bolt is made to keep you rocking during nearly any activity.

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The Bolt in Rose Gold

The Anthem

Small size. Huge Sound. Our newest hand-held Bluetooth speaker is ready to travel whenever you are.


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Kids Noise-Limiting Headphones

Great sound at the perfect volume. The 85 is volume-limited to 85 dB, the WHO standard for safe listening. Help stem the tide of childhood and teen hearing loss, and promote positive listening habits today.

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Kids Noise-Limiting Headphones in

The LSTN Lineup