Free Shipping on Orders >$99
Free Shipping on Orders >$99

Sound & Purpose

The Making of a Bespoke Listening Station

When Chivas approached us to create a bespoke piece to celebrate our partnership, we knew it would be a lot of work, but the result is well worth the effort. Here's a look at the creative process b... Read more →

Meet the Bolt - LSTN's Wireless, Sweatproof Earbud

Now is the time to go wireless and we've just launched the best wireless earbuds on the market. Meet the Bolt. Crisp audio, full control functions, striking design and the same incredible purpose m... Read more →

Announcement: Chivas Regal x LSTN Partner Up

Chivas and LSTN have partnered to celebrate our shared passion for craftsmanship, style and generosity. We've created an inspiring initiative - Generosity: Amplified - which gives the gift of heari... Read more →

Kim K Loves LSTN!

We want to send a big thank you to Kim Kardashian West for featuring LSTN as the latest Kim's Kause - We think you're pretty great too, Kim. Check out what she had to say: "I think what they're doi... Read more →

Verve / LSTN / Morning Culture Giveaway

Make Mornings Great Again

Mornings are rough. Thankfully, coffee exists. We've teamed up with Verve Coffee Roasters and Morning Culture to help make your mornings the best they can be. Check out our Instagram and enter befo... Read more →

iphone 7 wireless headphones earpods

No Headphone Jack? No Problem.

With the newly announced iPhone 7 and its removal of the headphone jack, there's no better time to go wireless. Why did Apple make this change? We go over a few reaso... Read more →

13 must have records for your vinyl collection

20 Must Have Records For Your Vinyl Collection

So you’ve finally bought yourself a turntable. You’re sitting at home with your headphones plugged in to your sound system but you already listened to that one record you bought recently, like ten ... Read more →

Wireless Troubadours Now Available!

LSTN Unplugged - Wireless Headphones Now Available

The wait for wireless is over! Enjoy the full freedom of wireless headphones with our signature sound and style. Our Troubadour headphones are for the lovers of all things classic, who seek wirele... Read more →

The Sounds of Summer

LSTN Playlist: Summer 2016

The perfect playlist to power your next summer adventure. Covering all bases from rock and roll classics, hip-hop jams to your current favorite songs. Sit back, relax and press play to LSTN's Summe... Read more →

how to find and choose the right pair of earbuds, lstn wood earbuds

How to Choose the Right Pair of LSTN Earbuds

Small, versatile and ultra portable. We love earbuds, especially when they have massive, crisp sound. All LSTN audio products are electro-acoustically tested to ensure the cleanest sound across all... Read more →
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