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Sound & Purpose

Our Latest Collaboration - Feist's 'Pleasure'

We worked with multiplatinum Canadian artist Feist to create limited edition Troubadour headphones engraved with her latest album title, Pleasure. Feist has been one of our favorite artists for ye... Read more →

Keep Climbing - LSTN is Delta's New On-Board Headphone Partner!

Keep Climbing with LSTN and Delta Air Lines Our lives are defined by experiences. Looking at our possessions, nothing is as important as what our heavily stamped, tattered passports represent. Trav... Read more →

Guess who was featured on the Today Show...

When the most popular morning show in America wants to feature you, you say yes And that's how we ended up on NBC's The Today Show. Millions of people were able to learn about LSTN and our mission ... Read more →

Our Favorite Music Studios

If these walls could talk, they'd probably sing. As big fans of both design and music, a beautiful recording studio is a sight to see. We've put together this roundup of some of our favorite studio... Read more →

What Would You Play for Someone Hearing Music for the First Time?

If you had the opportunity to play someone music for the first time, what would you play them? We started LSTN because we love music and couldn't imagine being without it. After helping 25,000 peop... Read more →

In Los Angeles’ thriving music industry, one company stands out

"" Oak Street magazine is one of the top publications for self-starters, entrepreneurs, and creative professionals. With their latest ... Read more →

Be the first to know about LSTN's New Volume-Limited Kids Headphones!

Be the first to know about LSTN's upcoming Kids Line! We're developing a volume-limited line of kids headphones, perfect for safe listening at all ages. Volume-limited to 85 dB, the safe listening... Read more →

Earbud cables rubbing you the wrong way? There's a fix for that.

The Bowery is LSTN's original earbud - we think they sound pretty great, and if you don't want to take our word for it, you can read... Read more →

Spice up your Valentine's Day with our Playlists

Spice up your Valentine's with our playlists! No matter how you're planning to spend your Valentine's Day, we can guarantee that these playlists will make it 100% better*. So grab someone special (... Read more →

Monocle Magazine Interviews LSTN Founder Bridget Hilton

When Does Making a Difference Mean More Than Making Money?

Monocle magazine met with four young entrepreneurs from around the world who forego money and future wealth for things that matter to them more today: social impact, quality of life, purpose and a ... Read more →

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